Expression in times of suffocating oppression
Truth in times of oppressive falsehood
Education in the time of imposed ignorance
Empowerment in the times of endorsed deprivation

Mission Statement

iResist produces documentaries and investigative videos with an aim to educate, influence and empower viewers.

The iResist Portfolio

Our Flagship Documentaries


The Boundary Line, and the complexities associated with it, summed up, factually.

Suffering in Silence

An attempt to shed light on those suffering in silence due to the War On Terror in Pakistan

Vendetta 9/11

9/11, the truth edition.

Sen Sentalees

A collection of personal accounts of the widespread genocide of Muslims in Indian Punjab, during partition.

Chained in the Web

From Babri Masjid's demolition to the narrative of forced conversions, this documentary decodes Brahmin politics in India and Pakistan

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