iResist produces documentaries and investigative videos with an aim to educate, influence and empower viewers to re-evaluate their presence in the society and to take action against injustices around them. iResist says what needs to be said and does what needs to be done with the aim to make people stop justifying their indifference with the excuse of not knowing the truth. iResist empowers them with ambitions of expression through documentary films and short videos. 

I do not believe in impartiality that serves to justify injustice in the name of “balanced view”. I unequivocally advocate the perspective of justice for all, even if it is unpopular. I refuse to surrender my opinions and actions to those who impose injustice in the name of justice and think that the silence of the majority means their victory. I believe in a world without impermeable walls, without oppressive discrimination and with justice as the only, irreplaceable system.

I bring stories to the screen that are deliberately rebuffed by mainstream media with an aim to build dejection for those injustices around us that have been accepted as “normal”.

I believe in hope, justice and dignity for all mankind.

Aisha Ghazi, Founder – iResist